Astrocartography uses your unique birth information to help you tap into specific planetary energies across the world - and you don't have to go there to do it.

How Can Astrocartography Support you?

  • Pick the perfect place for your next vacation.
  • Understand why you've always felt drawn to a specific place.
  • Find the most nourishing place to heal or do deep shadow work.
  • Tune into a city that inspires love and your unique creativity - or one that helps you push through to finally get a project done.

With your consent, I weave my intuition through your session to receive insight and messages regarding specific locations.

Together, will go over your unique astromap and a minimum of 3 locations in addition to your hometown.

You will also receive a recorded video of your session.



Cynthia combines intuition with astrocartography to provide absolutely next level guidance on what planetary energies are impacting you now and at other moments in your life. She was able to pinpoint a significant energy in Egypt and my whole body literally reacted to what she was describing. I also feel so much more informed about what areas I should prioritize visiting and what each trip would embody! I highly recommend scheduling a session with her.

-Olivia Rae
Psychic Teacher
Los Angeles, CA

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